I’ve never thought that a butterfly will have shown the life’s importance. I thought that someday I will wake up, take a deep breath, looking out the window and thinking. I thought that someday is that day, or yesterday, that i have lived that moment. But no.

In spite of tonight I understood the life. I’ve always thought that it will be change my life, or it makes friendships…. A butterfly.


She died. She has never gone back. She has never could fly, eat, dream, love and so on. She has never had the chance to live, as i have.

The time has strange. The animals have less time to live than the people. We have more 70 years, and most of them have about 5-10-15…. If i am thinking i have to see, that if i have died, i was disappointed. Why? Because i need to leave a vestige. I need to be someone who’s the people look up and appreciate, admire.

See the facts. Only the facts. if i died…

  •  I finished the elementary school.
  •  I  was attending the high school…
  •  I have some true friends.
  •  And i’ve never accomplish my dreams

I swear I lived- lie. I could lie. Sorry, but the children can lie after 4 ys old.

I want to write a book ( i have written some, but…) I want to publish after that.

I want to write. This is my passion.  Kép

I could lie, but i don’t want. A writer never lie.

If i’d i choose that way. If I’d …. I would follow my dreams.

I don’t want to countine my life, as I didn’t do any important steps. I want to create, lose, win, try….

The only emotion which is unimportant , the selfish. I was, but i recover from that disease. I am happy.

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